2017 Predictions for the Flexible Workspace


Over our ten years in the flexible workspace industry, we've seen year to year market fluctuations, abundant growth and new emerging sectors that have transformed the industry into what it is today. The impact of 2016 trends will reverberate into the coming year and we'll see new workplace trends have their way with the market. Here are my predictions for what we'll see in 2017...   

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Lead to Cash: Growing Your Shared Workspace


Managing a Shared Workspace of any sort - business center, incubator, accelerator, or coworking site - is no easy task considering the multiple aspects of the business that operators must juggle. Often, resources are tight and budgets are small, forcing you to focus solely on the minimal required operational tasks. When it comes to dos-and-don’ts to managing and growing your business, we’ve identified nine key steps in a condensed version of our recent 9-Part Lead to Cash series. Master these pillars for a well-oiled money making serviced office operation and, most importantly, happy members. 

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Shared Workspace Year in Review: Full Speed Ahead to 2017


2016 was a year of changes and surprises, from unexpected political outcomes across the globe to new and exciting developments within our own shared workspace industry. For essensys, 2016 was a definitive year with milestones that have reconfirmed our past successes and paved the way for what is sure to be an exciting 2017. But we won’t get ahead of ourselves, here’s our reflection upon 2016.

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6 Benefits of Stand Up Desks and How to Use Them

16/12/16 16:51In


by Allan Darvill

Stand up desks have become increasingly popular over the past few years, with many workspaces accommodating the change.  We moved our UK office recently and with this move came the opportunity to upgrade our office setup. It was clear from the number of requests we had that stand up desks were in demand.  We asked Allan Darvill, our very own Chief Health & Wellbeing Officer, to explain the benefits of stand up desks, and also how to use them correctly.

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The Complete Guide to Cash Collection in the Shared Workspace


Part 9 of the free eBook: The Complete Guide to Growing Your Flexible Workspace Business

Cash collection is what all shared workspace operators are working towards. It is the primary objective of your efforts and is what defines how you manage your overhead, reinvest in your workspace and grow your business. What many operators don’t define prior to opening a space is how they will manage the debt collection process or even what it entails.

Payments are collected via credit card, recurring bill payments or autopay. There is more to it than meets the eye. If you prepare well it can be a very simple process, and if not, debt collection can become a monthly recurring obstacle. Here’s what you need to know.

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The Complete Guide to Streamlined and Efficient Billing in the Shared Workspace


Part 8 of the free eBook: The Complete Guide to Growing Your Flexible Workspace Business

Thus far, our Lead to Cash series has highlighted the importance of lead generation, the sales processes, services offering, member management and core IT services in the shared workspace. There are a few recurring themes that facilitate efficiency across the board, and these are automation, self-service and integration.

To sum it up, running a sustainable and profitable shared workspace largely depends on reigning in your processes and simplifying your life as an operator with a platform that supports each and every key pillar of your business.

In this 8th chapter of the series, we'll look at the single most important part of running any successful business, assuming you want to be profitable: invoicing and billing.

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Quick Guide to Offering More than Just Shared Office Space


Part 7 of the free eBook: The Complete Guide to Growing Your Flexible Workspace Business

A workspace operator’s main purpose is to provide office space and services to freelancers, startups, and small to mid-sized businesses so they can focus on their own growth. In a sense, a shared workspace can be compared to an office-hotel or an office AirBnB; Providing on-demand and easy-to-access office services that prevent members from having to dig deep into their pockets for office space or hole themselves up in their homes or coffee shops.

Much like the enhancements in the hotel industry offering more than a room to sleep in, operators must extend services beyond a mere office or desk to work from.

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4 Quick and Easy Ways to Improve Your Shared Workspace Today


Essensys works with over a thousand shared workspace locations in 27 different countries globally. We're kind of lucky, and it gives us a tremendous amount of insight into different markets and operating models.

Whether Serviced Offices or Coworking Spaces, we see some of the common challenges that arise whether they be people, process or technology problems or needs. Workspaces mature and with that are growing pains. We've tried to summarize some of the common trends we see - and how those issues should be opportunities to automate tasks.

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